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Spiritual Healing, Guidance & Teaching, Holistic Therapies & Spiritual Crafts in Basingstoke

About Me


Hello, my name is Amanda. I have always been interested in everything spiritual, but my own spiritual journey didn’t start till later in life. I guess I wasn’t ready for the changes that were to come and still had some life lessons to learn. The start of my spiritual path was quite intense and I have had many life changes for the better since.

I never felt complete, I always felt there was something I should be doing, but never knew what. My brother passed away when I was 7 years of age, which left a huge void. This lead me to having regular readings done from the age of 18. I never understood going to the cemetery, as I always knew he wasn’t there, but was around me always. The readings gave me great comfort and a way of communication.

One of my later readings advised me to have some form of angelic healing, which I did. This release was the first step to developing spiritually and raising my consciousness.

I started to sense and feel things. I would do things for no reason, then realise why. Synchronicity became regular. There was so many signs put in front of me. The higher beings were trying to kick me up the backside, well it worked. Especially when an object appeared in my bedroom, which I had never seen in my life. Number sequences even appeared to prepare me for my dads passing. Once I opened my eyes and started to listen, believe and trust fully, then my life started to change.

New people and friends came into my life, which pushed me in all sorts of directions, which is when I became a Rahanni celestial practitioner. Then things moved even faster, it was like a whirlwind. I was drawn to ancient ancestors, which led me to the spirit drum. I connect with higher dimensions and earth energies.  I am also now a Rahanni teacher, spirit drum healer, hopi ear candling therapist and I make spiritual crafts intuitively and more.

I now live in peace and work with truth love and compassion.

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