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Spiritual Crafts

I  make spiritual crafts and every item is individual and unique. 

All work is done on a commission basis only and am happy to follow your guidance in producing something personal to you.


  • Drums

  • Drum beaters

  • Rattles which can be used for mediation, cleansing and journeying

  • Smudging feathers for healing, cleansing and clearing

  • Talking Sticks which are useful for circles

Drum Birthing

I make drums to purchase or you can attend a drum birthing workshop where you can craft your own drum and beater!




                         The Ethics of Hide, Drums and Rattles

The world consists of cycles of life and death. Anything living is involved, including animals and trees. It is a natural cycle, it cannot be stopped nor prevented. We have to accept that's just how it is.

When making drums etc., not only are we showing gratitude and respect, we are honouring the animal and the tree which has been taken naturally. The spirit of the animal and the tree continues to live on, as well as sharing its wisdom and healing.

None of the animals are killed for their hide in order to make drums. The hides are sourced from wild, culled stag or deer, or from horses that are privately owned and died naturally. The majority of hides would be disgarded as waste, which would be quite sad.

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